A personalised programme to prepare you for the unique requirements of applying to and studying at Oxford and Cambridge.

Personal Statement Introduction

We explain the key components of a strong UCAS application. You will be introduced to the Bonas MacFarlane methods for finding the course that is right for you. You will understand the work you need to undertake to produce an effective Oxbridge personal statement, and have begun logging your personal research.

Personal Statement Feedback

You will be assigned an Oxbridge admissions specialist who will provide individual written and video feedback on three drafts of your personal statement. This will help you to optimize the quality of your statement.

Tutor Group Meetings

Your personal statement tutor will meet with you and the rest of your tutor group throughout the course. These sessions will review your research of relevant courses, your reflections upon your weekly readings and the development of your personal statement.

Oxbridge Applications

The challenge of applying to Oxbridge is unique. This course provides you with an introduction to the essentials that you need to know about the process, from admissions tests to the collegiate system, and also serves to break down any preconceived ideas about what might be expected of the typical Oxbridge applicant.

Oxbridge Reading Series

Oxbridge applicants are expected to have read widely around their subject. Each week you are provided with a reading, video lecture or podcast in a series that has been carefully curated by UK academics to introduce you to advanced topics and concepts. 

Extension Lecture Series + Follow-up Seminars

The Academy’s lecture series gives you unique access to some of the UK’s leading academics, who join us to debate a range of current issues. The debates are then brought to life in follow-up seminars with subject specialists, who challenge you to relate the discussion to your own discipline. The teaching replicates the style of learning at Oxbridge and top Russell Group universities.

Admissions Test Preparation

Oxbridge applicants are usually expected to submit examples of work or take admissions tests prior to their interview. A test preparation specialist prepares you for the challenging tasks that you will have to complete.

An Introduction to Interview Preparation

The UK’s most competitive courses and institutions will most likely interview you before making their decision. These interviews can be high stakes, high pressure situations. This introduction to interview preparation teaches you how to prepare for these occasions. You will understand what admissions tutors are looking for and have strategies for dealing with the questions that you may face.  

The Oxbridge programme includes subject specific tuition, an Oxbridge application course and courses to prepare you for the admissions test.

Course Dates: 15 May 2017 to 1 December 2017

Key Features

  • Individual and group tutorials will help you to engage with your reading on a deeper, more critical level.
  • The Application Course explores what makes Oxford and Cambridge different. The course examines college selection and course choices. You will also be given an overview of your subject’s admissions testing and interview procedures.
  • Subject-specific admissions test courses are taught in small groups and will provide you with rigorous preparation and practice papers.
  • Teaching on the Oxbridge programme is intensive and you will be expected to commit to up to four hours a week.


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